Program information

Our programs are multiage groups, ages 5-12. Our program groups children within their ability

to progress successfully. Our classes will be kept small to allow

for individualized instruction and small group focus.

3 Day Program

Our 3 day program focuses on Language Arts and Math. Language Arts will be taught in the

morning and Math will be taught in the afternoon. All children bring a healthy snack for the

morning break and they bring their lunch and eat together between classes. We have two

recesses each day.

  •  $440.00/month

Cooperative Group Activities are integrated into every day learning activities.

5 Day Program

Our 5 day program encompasses both academics and electives. In addition to academics, children will be involved in science activities, gardening, cooking activities, STEM activities, art, and book clubs.  

  • $700.00/month


Additional tutoring is available as requested. Please contact PLC at (863) 271-4899 for more information.


We're currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Once you're confident PLC of Winter Haven can meet the educational needs of your child, please  contact the school at 883-271-4899.