Our Mission

Progressive Learning Center is a multiage homeschool co-op designed to meet the needs of each student individually by learning through discovery.

Our Core values

As we seek to fulfill our mission, we adhere to these core values. Our mission is our purpose, but these are the day-to-day beliefs that are our passion and personality.

  • We foster a love for learning in a student centered environment.

    We believe students become life-long learners when they are taught to love learning in their earliest years. Love of learning happens when we focus on each student's needs and not focusing on one-size-fits-all standards and high stakes testing. 

  • We learn through discovery in a variety of

    hands-on activities.

    All people learn best when they are engaged in hands-on learning. When we do instead of just hear, we stimulate our curiosity and drive to learn more.

  • We have respect for each individual in the school community.

    All kinds of things make us unique. Our genetics, our experiences, and our strengths are just a few of the many things that make us who we are. But our differences are what we all have in common, so we learn to respect our differences.   

  • Progress is charted as accomplishments, not by test results.

    Our current public school system exists in a political culture that has become obsessed with standardized testing. We believe students' accomplishments of all kinds are a better barometer of learning.

  • Collaborative process is the hallmark of progressive education.

    We can't do life alone. Our students should be taught that from their earliest ages. Hence, our learning activities are based on collaboration and not isolation.